Bloggers on the Peninsula: Part 1

 What kind of mood are you in today?

 This mood hat I found in an op shop in Dandenong didn’t have “excited” and “lucky”, but that’s how I was feeling last Friday as I set off with Candice and Cecylia on an op shop odyssey down to the Mornington Peninsula, where we had been invited to participate in a bloggers’ weekend. A friend of mine had supplied us with a 9-page list of op shops, and although we didn’t get to all of them, we gave it a red hot go and discovered wacky and wonderful stuff along the way, like this cabinet full of koalas…  

 I bought this beaded cardigan for Marianne and this pair of cats for me.

Here’s my haul: furry black hat and blue silky jacket, $3.99 each from Savers Frankston; long black dress with wisteria pattern, $10 and gold earrings, 50c a pair at RSPCA op shop in Frankston; old Miu-Miu-ish black heels $2 from a nameless op shop on the Dandenong Frankston road; leather earrings $4 and brand new (but old!) tea towels, $5 from the Uniting Care (Mission?) op shop in Dandenong; and the cats, $6 for both of them from Salvos Dandenong (did I get a bargain with them or what? I’m sure these would be heaps more in a real vintage store!).

 I was rather taken with the cats, as you can see… and they proved excellent models for the Cruciani Braccialetti lace bracelets that we received as part of our weekend.

 We arrived at the Aquabelle Apartments in Rye in the late afternoon (normally it’s an easy 1-2 hours’ drive from Melbourne but we spent about 6 hours at the op shops on the way!) and wasted no time in exploring and settling in to our home for the weekend (free Wi-Fi! A gorgeous balcony! A location directly opposite the beach! And a relaxing atmosphere too…).

Candice got to work on her special cocktails…

And then changed into something a little more comfortable to serve them… (aka a peignoir set she bought at one of the op shops in Dandenong).

We were joined by Iolanthe, Anastasia and Marianne for drinks and then headed a few metres down the road to their apartment for a delicious dinner and delightful conversation, but you’ll have to check their blogs if you want pics – I was too busy eating, enjoying myself and looking forward to our upcoming adventures, which will be revealed in my next posts!

Rye (ライ)は Mornington Peninsula の海沿いにある小さい街で、夏は首都のように込むけれど、今の時期はローカルしかいないぐらい落ち着いているのでリラックスするのに完璧です。金曜日の朝、運転手の私、そしてカンディスセシリア3人でDandenongやFrankstonのオプショップを寄りながら宿泊のAquabelle Apartmentsに辿り着いて、買ったものの撮影をしたり、カクテルを作ったり、Instagramで遊んだりのんびりしました。(オプショップで買った猫ペアがあまりにも気に入っちゃったからいただいたCruciani Braccialettiを着せてプチファッション撮影もしてみました 笑)