In the pink with Fire & Shine

I don’t talk about it much on this blog, but running is an important part of my life (mainly because I’m far too uncoordinated to attempt any team sport. Plus, running is basically free!). I try to run at least 5k every second day before work, and generally fit in about 10k or more on the weekend, which adds up to a considerable chunk of time.

So why don’t I babble on about it here? Probably because, unlike most of my wardrobe, I don’t bother to sew my running gear myself (even though I made lots of leggings and bike shorts in high school that I still wear now, I’m not fond of sewing stretch fabric) and as you might have guessed, this blog is mostly about DIY (with occasional girly weekends, overseas adventures and cute animal photos thrown in). 

 Seeing as I don’t make my running gear myself, I have to look for new pieces in retail shops (one place my beloved op shops fall down is in the good sportswear category) or online, like any normal person. 
On the rare times that I do it, buying new clothes creates a moral dilemma for me as I am painfully aware that many things that we wear are not made in ethical conditions. It was around the time of the Rana Plaza disaster that I was considering buying a new sports bra, but the tragedy stopped me in my tracks. How could I blithely part with cash that might be contributing to the operation of a sweat shop? So I started looking for ethically made fitness wear – not an easy task – and after a bit of hunting, hit on new online store Fire & Shine which stocks ethical yoga and active wear. Yay!

In what might seem a somewhat contradictory move when we’re discussing health and fitness, I met one half of the Fire & Shine duo over an extremely decadent hot chocolate (I never said I was perfect!), and she kindly asked whether I would like to trial one of their pieces. Naturally, I went for the brightest sports bra I could find, this back twist crop top in “electric and black” by LA brand Body Language.  It’s reversible – the hottest of hot pinks on one side and black with pink trim on the other – and very comfortable to wear.

You certainly won’t miss me when I run past you wearing this! And that’s what I’m planning on doing this Sunday when I take part in the City2Sea.

As the event is a fundraiser, I’m running for the Australian Conservation Foundation, an organisation working for a sustainable Australia. I’ve been a bit slow off the mark setting up my donations page, but if you’d like to chip in, please click through here.

I was planning on really blitzing this event, but a few weeks ago when I was training I tripped over something (or, knowing me, nothing) and not only tore the leggings I was wearing but also took a rather large chunk out of my knee, with grazing to my hand and elbow (which would have been perfect if I had been doing the Zombie Shuffle). On top of this I managed to tear a pectoral muscle which made breathing, coughing, hiccuping and laughing rather painful. It goes without saying that I had to miss quite a few weeks of training, so I doubt I’ll do as well as I’d hoped in the City2Sea. But at least my Body Language top will mean I’ll look good – both before and after the race, if I can get someone to cart all these accessories to the finish line for me…

The reversible aspect of the top really appeals to the multi-tasker (and bargain hunter) in me – in effect, you’re getting two pieces for the price of one, plus, if you want to pack light on a mini-break, you can wear it one way to exercise in and the other way for a stroll around the markets or even a casual coffee (I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re sitting down to a degustation kind of do… that’s what smock dresses are for!).  

Anyway, enough of my styling ideas, I’m sure you’ve got more important things to do like checking out the rest of Fire & Shine’s range! And I’ve got to get going anyway… training awaits!