Stripes in silk

Quite some time ago I bought a long silk skirt that looked like this* (and also like this).

Frida Kahlo with cat

Now it looks like this.

silk stripes skirt DIY

Not so different, really, but I’m hoping to get more wear out of it at this length.

silk skirt stripe opshop

I don’t have any other skirts this shape and length so it will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. It will work with boots in winter or flats and sandals in summer (or autumn, as the case may be).green silk skirt stripe DIYAs you can see, the lower part of the skirt with all the lovely stripes is what I wanted to retain, so although it would have been easier to just chop off the excess length from the hem to bring it up to mid-calf, I had to do the following:

  • unpick the waistband
  • unpick the zip
  • unpick the lining that was joined to the skirt at the waist
  • cut off the waist/hip area once I’d worked out where I wanted the hem to fall (this involved a lot of standing in front of the mirror adjusting where the hem sat on my calves and deciding accordingly where to chop at the hip). Of course I have put this excess fabric aside for some future project.
  • take in the side seams and press them to sit open
  • make new darts at the front and back
  • reinsert the zip
  • shorten the lining and reattach it
  • reattach the waistband
  • reattach the eye part of the hook and eye fastening as the waistband was always a bit big but I’d never got around to fixing it
  • handstitch the side slits to sit in place
  • laugh at how long this list is because it didn’t feel like quite that much work at the time!green cashmere jumper silk skirtThe green in the skirt is one of my favourite colours and happily, I found a cashmere sweater in a similar shade for $5 at an opshop a few months ago. Perfect match!

green scarf cashmere sweater


*For more recent readers who may not be aware, in this photo I’m posing with my little old lady cat, Suki, who is unfortunately gone but definitely not forgotten. How cute is she!?