Two days in Yangon

Yes, I only spent two days in Yangon (Rangoon), Burma, with my boyfriend after my trip to Vientiane. That was extremely foolish, because there was a lot to see and we probably missed a lot. But here’s some of what we did manage to see.
Maroon-clad monks lining up for morning alms…

A guy with a fruit cart calmly walking over the railway tracks as the train approached. Level crossing? Pah.

Hair inspiration.

Antiques and all sorts of things at the Bogyoke Aung San Market (yes, we took lots of photos, we just didn’t buy anything there. More foolishness).

We really needed sunglasses at the Shwedagon Pagoda…

Some ladies at a market stall put thanaka on my face, which is possibly why all the locals were staring (then again, they might just have been wondering why I was wearing all those accessories, which were kind of blingy by local standards).

We had lunch by the extremely scenic Kandawgyi Lake, which is in a huge park. It’s a real mixed bag of entertainment options, with restaurants, a karaoke bar, lotus ponds, a little island (where local couples kiss behind umbrellas), an agricultural museum, plant nurseries and a swimming club.

Of course there are also views of the Shwedagon Pagoda…

But I was more captivated by the views reflected in the water. The boardwalk goes all the way around the lake, and we spent several hours taking in the scenery.

That beautiful colour is probably due to blue-green algae, which isn’t particularly charming, but it makes for some great pictures!

 None the less spectacular was the array of antiques at some of the little shops on the side of Dhama Zedi Road (near Golden House, if you happen to be in the area).

 There was stuff everywhere, but somehow the shopkeeper seemed to know where everything was (kind of the same situation as the semi-organised chaos in my bedroom, actually…)

Back in the city, there is a real Indochine feel to the buildings, making them the perfect backdrops for an impromptu fashion shoot (cue more stares from the locals). I had to debut my DIY hat somewhere though!

Only being there for two days, we didn’t get to sample every single restaurant in the city, but we loved this one, Ing Yin New South Indian restaurant – not at all fancy, but friendly staff and delicious, cheap meals (under $5 for two serves each of vegetarian dhosa with unlimited refills of the accompanying dips and sauces, plus coffee, tea with condensed milk and a cake for dessert!!). We were very upset that we couldn’t have dinner there on the second night because it was closed for Diwali.

It sounds a bit funny to mention a cat as a tourist attraction, but this one always seemed to be in the same spot on Bogyoke Aung San Road opposite the old railway building with his taxi driver buddy, so if you like cats (WHO DOESN’T LIKE CATS!?), go and check him out.

And if you get the chance, go and check out the rest of Yangon (and Burma!) too. I’ll have to spend more time there the next time I go!