DIY – the prequel

 Love them or hate them, prequels seem to be a part of life these days. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon to show you what one of my potential DIYs looks like before I get the scissors and sewing machine out. And in true prequel fashion (if you believe the detractors) the quality of the production isn’t quite up to the usual standard… ie it was freezing outside so I had to take these shots inside, and the light was crap. Sorry!

Anyway, the backstory of this post is that a fellow DIY loving friend gave me this cheong sam that was too big. Wondering what to do with it, I’ve gone through the same agonies I experience every time I think about altering a not-quite-right garment. 

 Theoretically, I could alter all the seams and take the dress in to make it fit me, but when armholes and collars are involved, I tend to give up. Add to this the fact that I already own a red cheong sam and they are seriously inexpensive anyway, and my motivation to fiddle around with tricky fittings flies out the door. So what could I do with it instead? Well, I could remove the sleeves and just leave the asymmetrical front… or take off the entire sleeve and collar section. Either way, nice ideas for evening wear, yes?

 I do love the swishing of a long skirt though, so this option is pretty tempting…

 Especially with a huge bow at the back, wouldn’t it be gorgeous?

 But maybe I’d get more wear out of it at a shorter length. It’s quite elegant just below the knee, don’t you think?

 Or would knee-length be better?

Agggh… and those are just the options that I thought of in a few minutes, I’m sure there are many more! Whatever I do to it, here’s hoping this dress becomes a blockbuster.