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Monday musing: is KonMari for creatives?

The world of creatives is super glamorous – slick white studios floored with polished concrete; inspirational images pinned so artistically to mood boards that they could be mistaken for finished works; pale pine timber… Continue reading

From trash to a turban headband

Well known among my friends for never being able to throw anything out, I couldn’t resist when one of them invited me to take on some material that her grandma was getting rid of.… Continue reading

Sweater stylin’ *Now with added Japanese!*

Although regular readers will be familiar with my love of adding stuff to old clothes to give them a new personality, sometimes taking stuff away is more effective. My friend Gen gave me… Continue reading

DIY – the prequel

 Love them or hate them, prequels seem to be a part of life these days. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon to show you what one of my potential DIYs looks… Continue reading

If you want to destroy my sweater….

Not that I enjoy destroying things that have obviously been made with so much dedication to detail, but sometimes a little reworking is necessary in order for them to be wearable. I bought… Continue reading

A shawl collar on a .. shawl??

Although you wouldn’t know it from the colourful ethnic prints I generally favour, I’m a big fan of English literary classics such as those by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and the Brontes. Apart… Continue reading

The Wardrobe Weekender workshops

Although my mind is still in Laos, and there are at least one or two more road trip posts to come, I just wanted to let Melburnians know that I’ll be running a… Continue reading

The seminal Seminole experience

What do you do when someone gives you an entire shoebox (and they had large feet) full of bias binding in all the colours of the rainbow? This was my dilemma (yeah, first… Continue reading