Dread-ful accessories

We always want what we can’t have, don’t we? In my case, it would seem that having fine, indecisively straight hair has given me a penchant for dreadlocks, which are of course infinitely impossible (I was a zombie in a play in high school, but was pretty unconvincing as even loads of hairspray and a fine toothed comb were insufficient tools when it came to cajoling my limp locks into the teased, tousled look that is de rigeur for the cool ghoul). Anyway, the point of this long-winded reminiscing is that I have to get my fix of dreads another way, namely in the same way that I get most things – by making stuff out of crap (known in posher circles as “crafting”).

I made this piece over a year ago, intending to wear it under the neck part of a turtleneck jumper. It never looked quite right though, so it joined the many pieces in my “work in progress” pile (AKA too good to chuck out but not good enough to actually wear in public). Then, as I was hunting for accessories to use in a fashion shoot, I rediscovered it and realised it could make an excellent little capelet. See?

It looks kind of furry, but it’s actually just lengths of chunky wool secured to a strip of ribbing, as you may or may not be able to see thanks to my crap photo.

In true “making stuff out of crap” style, the ribbing came from bits of sleeve that I chopped off this cardigan. Waste not, want not! (See another chunky dreadlock-y wool creation here).

It’s really only ornamental, and not exactly practical at the moment as it keeps slipping off. I’ll probably attach cords or a chain to join the ends, or shoulder clips to attach it to whatever I’m wearing underneath so that I can actually get some use out of it! (By the way, the jumper I’m wearing with it in these shots is not mine, but I’d borrowed it for another shoot and it was perfect for this look. It’s by a brand called Serpent and the Swan and might look fairly normal from the front, but the back is amazing. I’ll keep you all in suspense for the moment, but will do a post on it soon!)