From grunge to goddess

Visiting the accountant to go over my income tax return is never something I look forward to. However, the knowledge that there are FOUR opshops just metres from said accountant’s office helps make this tiresome chore a whole lot sweeter. This dress by Scanlan & Theodore was just one of the bargains I found after a somewhat taxing morning recently. Note the oversized collar (which, as you can tell from my expression, is not a design feature that particularly impressed me).

The collar obviously had to go, but other than that, all I did was take up the hem. So it was a pretty easy update of 90s grunge-glamour to make it wearable as a day dress – given the chill in the air, I’ll be wearing a long-sleeved top underneath for quite a while yet, like so, although I can remove that inner layer and add jewellery for a more evening-appropriate look.Scanlan

It’s a simple dress, but accessories add drama. I’d finally attached this dreadlock-style collar to a turtleneck so these outfit shots showcase two finished DIY projects at once!Scanlan goddess

For a change, I managed to get out of my backyard and get some fashion shoot-y type shots, thanks to my friends Kristine and Gwendolynne who let me join them on a jaunt around the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda.Scanlan knitScanlan Theodore

The collar and leather gloves (also opshopped, of course) somehow gave the dress a Game of Thrones vibe, hence the threatening-looking branch that Kristine made me wield as if it were a terrifying wand and I was some kind of warrior goddess.

Scanlan back

Scanlan warrior

“She shall be revered throughout the seven kingdoms for her unrelenting search for opshops and her power to make stuff out of crap, and will be known by all as the Mother of Kittens”


Scanlan model

Actually, if I had anything like the power of a GOT princess, I think I’d like to make tax bills disappear. But if I hadn’t needed to get my tax in order, I wouldn’t have found this dress… so swings and roundabouts, hey?