For all cats, big and small

Not long ago, I did a post about a turban that I made from a blanket. I didn’t mention it then, but the reason I started cutting up my childhood blanket was to make a project for Peppermint magaz
ine (I moonlight as “Little Miss Sew & Sew” – if you want to see what I made, go to page 96 of the current issue that’s just gone on sale in the past week. It’s very cute! I know you’ll love it!)

Anyway, seeing as it’s been a little while since Suki made an appearance, and having neglected to thank her for her help when I was making the Peppermint project, I decided to wrap up the weekend with some gratuitous cat snaps. She had more of a directorial role in the project than a paws-on one…

And she didn’t get in the way at all, as you can see…

She had a vested interest in this project as the rest of the blanket (which was covered in the fur of feline companions from before Suki’s time) has ended up in her little house by the front door so that she’ll be nice and cosy on the extremely rare occasions when she has to stay outside. (Most of her time is spent on her bed. That’s the one in my room that she generously lets me sleep in every night).

So now that you’ve got the warm fuzzies from admiring this little old lady, I’d like to invite all of you who will be in Melbourne on July 12 to come along to an event to support much bigger cats – namely, the tigers which I got so teary about a few months ago. Suki can’t make it that night because it would disrupt her very tight sleeping schedule, but I’ll be there, and so can you for a tiny $15. More info and tickets here, or leave a comment with your email details and I’ll get back to you. And even if you can’t go, feel free to make a donation to TRAFFIC, the International Tiger Coalition or any reputable wildlife organisation.