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Jumping into January

Actually, thanks to the crazy hot weather, there hasn’t been a whole lot of jumping going on here. It would be more apt to say I’ve slid sweatily and lethargically into the new… Continue reading

Monday musing: is KonMari for creatives?

The world of creatives is super glamorous – slick white studios floored with polished concrete; inspirational images pinned so artistically to mood boards that they could be mistaken for finished works; pale pine timber… Continue reading

T-dress times two

Do you remember this dress?   More to the point, did I ever actually post about the original refashioning that I did on it? I was sure I had, which is why I didn’t… Continue reading

Crop & Tails to kick off 2013

Happy 2013! Did you enjoy your holidays? I’ve just got back from a week in Laos, which I will post about later, but I thought I would kick off the new year with… Continue reading

Tokyo Day #2 – Flea markets & Friends

Before I arrived in Tokyo, two friends here had baby boys within a week or two of one another. So I got my little production line going and made them some slippers. The… Continue reading

I made a skirt from a blanket…

…and, well, here it is. Not a lot more needs to be said, really. The blanket was old and I’d cut most of it up for another project a while ago, but there… Continue reading

Add some puff to ready-made stuff

 A few years ago I was very proud of myself for making this pink dress and neckpiece out of a shawl I found for $5 at an op shop. I wouldn’t normally wear… Continue reading

Make do and .. well, make!

Ever got halfway through a sewing project only to find you’ve underestimated the amount of material needed? This is what happened to me when I made this dress. It was once a full,… Continue reading

A generation of baby bloomers

 Is this year being the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac the reason for the baby boom? It’s the only thing I can think of to explain why at least FIFTEEN… Continue reading

Bangles, not bombs

To my regular readers who are wondering what has happened to my posts involving recycling and making stuff out of crap, today’s post is still about my trip to Laos – but just happens to be about… Continue reading