Tokyo Day #2 – Flea markets & Friends

Before I arrived in Tokyo, two friends here had baby boys within a week or two of one another. So I got my little production line going and made them some slippers.

The main material is from an old kimono and the other fabric is flannel (some of which is recycled). The flannel is meant to be lining, but I’ve made the slippers reversible instead. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

Here’s one of the new mums, Asuka, holding her son, Antonio, whose feet turned out to be so tiny that the slippers fell off him! She’s with her Mexican husband Louis and their daughter Nami. They had a “welcome back” party for me today but it was also Louis’ birthday (he was turning “thirty-ten”… I’ll have to keep that little euphemism in mind for my own use in a few years!).

And here I am with the other girls – Yo (who is not usually so blurry!), mum of two little boys, and Yuki, who is expecting twins! As for me, I only look pregnant thanks to my rather shapeless dress!

Before the party, I managed to get to the Chuo-koen flea market in Shinjuku. Pretty impressive backdrop, isn’t it! (How many flea markets do you know with waterfalls in the background!?)

Of course you want to see my spoils… here they are sitting on the tatami mat which I get to sleep on (if you ever get a chance to sleep on tatami I highly recommend it, the smell is divine, just like subtly sweet hay). Basically a whole lot of accessories and some buttons – all for about $2 each. Because as you know, I don’t have enough accessories already!