Tokyo Day #3 – Antiques & Udon

As I was walking to the station after yesterday’s flea market, I stumbled on this sign. 

“Antique Fair. Now on.” Aggh. Naturally I couldn’t ignore it, especially as I’d been before and knew it was right up my alley, so I came back for a stickybeak this morning. There was a LOT to look at but photography wasn’t permitted so I didn’t get too snap-happy, just took shots at two of the more interesting stalls with obliging stallholders.

This stall was from a shop called Chuffy which stocks all things Scandinavian…

I was particularly tempted by the Lisa Larsson ceramics, both originals and replicas, but do I really need any more knick knacks? (Not that this kind of logic works when it comes to accessories!)

I kept an eye out for interesting things at this antique market… this stall from Domino Antik also had eyes out, literally.
There were lots of other doll parts, among the eclectic mix of items old and new.

I snapped a few other pics around the market before someone told me I wasn’t meant to be taking photos… oops!

Here’s what I bought: huge earrings (but of course! I don’t do “subtle” when it comes to jewellery) for ¥500 and a necklace and earring set for ¥3000, which for me is getting into the pricey range, but I felt like spoiling myself. (The next fair is May 31, June 1 and 2, 2013, I assume at the same place, which is in the Hyatt Regency building in Shinjuku, A7 exit of Tocho-mae station on the Oedo line).

After all that shopping, fortification was required. AKA udon in bowls as big as wash basins.

I went for the katsu curry udon (pork cutlet with udon in curry sauce) and Yasu had the tempura udon set.

I stupidly forgot to take down the name of the restaurant, because I have been there before so don’t really need to know it – if you want to try it, just look for the queues at any time of day or night – it’s opposite the Don Quixote store in Roppongi.