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Easy bag update

It kind of goes without saying that I love the ethnic/tribal/handmade look. But there are times when I’m not in that kind of mood and need something a bit plainer. So yay for finding… Continue reading

Working the day shift

When was the last time you heard someone ask “do you have a hobby?”. “Hobby” sounds so quaint, doesn’t it? I think the last time I heard it used seriously was in my Japanese language… Continue reading

Weekend plans: Fair@Square festival

After what seems like an extra-long, cold winter here in Melbourne, it’s just about time to come out of hibernation – and what better way to warm up than with a festival? Fair@Square… Continue reading

Our haul from the Nuffnang op shop crawl

It’s taken me a little while, but finally, here are some snaps from the op shop crawl I did with a group of bloggers at the end of March. The gathering was organised… Continue reading

Tokyo Day #3 – Antiques & Udon

As I was walking to the station after yesterday’s flea market, I stumbled on this sign.  “Antique Fair. Now on.” Aggh. Naturally I couldn’t ignore it, especially as I’d been before and knew… Continue reading

Tokyo Day #2 – Flea markets & Friends

Before I arrived in Tokyo, two friends here had baby boys within a week or two of one another. So I got my little production line going and made them some slippers. The… Continue reading

If you want to destroy my sweater….

Not that I enjoy destroying things that have obviously been made with so much dedication to detail, but sometimes a little reworking is necessary in order for them to be wearable. I bought… Continue reading

House of Wandering Silk’s no-sew skirt

 As every savvy global wanderer knows, one should always take a shawl on flights. They’re comforting to use as a wrap when the plane’s cooling system goes into overdrive, and they cover up… Continue reading

Bangles, not bombs

To my regular readers who are wondering what has happened to my posts involving recycling and making stuff out of crap, today’s post is still about my trip to Laos – but just happens to be about… Continue reading

The Wardrobe Weekender workshops

Although my mind is still in Laos, and there are at least one or two more road trip posts to come, I just wanted to let Melburnians know that I’ll be running a… Continue reading