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Legs, arms, meh….

How are you all? This is where I must apologise for my absence – I’m still in Laos, in Luang Prabang right now and dripping all over the floor at the internet cafe.… Continue reading

In the pink

Happy 2012! How did you see the new year in? I celebrated with some Japanese friends eating way too much, including toshi-koshi (bridging the years) soba noodles which are traditionally eaten for a… Continue reading

Scarf style for $1.50

Many months ago, when I was still finding my feet as a blogger (as opposed to now, where I get stopped in the street and offered vast sums of money to advertise brands… Continue reading

Crochet your own coral reef

Well, I promised you a post about an amazing project, and here it is. I stumbled on this fabulous display of creativity at the Stringybark festival on the weekend. It’s called The Melbourne… Continue reading