Legs, arms, meh….

How are you all? This is where I must apologise for my absence – I’m still in Laos, in Luang Prabang right now and dripping all over the floor at the internet cafe. No, I don’t have an incontinence problem, but it happens to be Lao new year, during which time people throw water all over each other. It’s apparently lucky – for the person throwing the water and for the person on the receiving end, but I don’t think it’s so lucky for the owner of the internet cafe whose floor I am drenching right now.

Anyway, if you’ve been following my Twitter ramblings you will have seen quite a few of my travel shots, and I do have a lot to show and tell, but for mundane reasons this post is very short on pictures.
I have only two photos of my remake project that kept me busy in the studio above the Mulberries shop in Vientiane for quite a while last week. This is the before photo of the pants I bought in the Talat Sao mall.
Amazing embroidered legs, yes? They’re from the Yao tribe. I also bought the matching jacket but I will have to show you that later. I already have a pair of Yao pants and these ones were kind of short, so I decided to turn them into sleeves for a dress. Legs and arms are both limbs, so why not? The body part is made from organic, fair trade, natural dyed indigo cotton that I bought on a trip to Udomxai. Mayphone, who was the local government officer who showed us around, also happens to be a master indigo dyer – handy, as indigo cotton is exactly what I was after! Here’s how the dress turned out.
Looks OK in the pic, but whether it will look OK on me is another story. I guess I’ll find out once I’m back home. Hopefully it won’t be one of those “seemed like a good idea while I was on holiday” type things… do you have any tales of holidays that have seriously affected the style centre of your brain?