Weekend plans: Fair@Square festival

After what seems like an extra-long, cold winter here in Melbourne, it’s just about time to come out of hibernation – and what better way to warm up than with a festival? Fair@Square festival*, to be precise. 

 Held at Federation Square over two days this weekend (November 30 and December 1), it’s a celebration of all things ethical, sustainable, recycled, fair trade, eco… basically, if it’s good for people and planet, it’s there! I look forward to this festival every year – it’s got a market that’s great for Christmas shopping, stocking up on products that aren’t necessarily so easy to find in big retail outlets and discovering new brands and services that tread lightly on the earth or are even improving it. There’s a program of inspirational speakers and workshops, live music and performances, plus yummy food to snack on as you wander… but take a look at the program for yourself to see what I mean. Hopefully I’ll see you there!   

エコ、リサイクル、サステナビリティ、フェアトレードなどの人間にもよく、地球にも良い物に興味ありますか?でしたら、今週末の Fair@Square フェスティバル、是非来てください!メルボルンのFederation Squareに行いますが、いろんな面白いものが売られているマーケットもあるし、音楽やパーフォマンスもあるし、トークショーやワークショップにも参加できるから、かなり充実した一日(もしくは二日間も?)過ごせると思います。プログラムはこちらにあるので、どうぞ見て、今週末の予定を立ててください!

*(If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you’ll know that I ran the fashion show at this festival two years running. You can check it out here and here if you’re interested.)