I made a skirt from a blanket…

…and, well, here it is. Not a lot more needs to be said, really. The blanket was old and I’d cut most of it up for another project a while ago, but there was just enough left for a skirt. This one is just a simple A-line pattern that I drafted in my pattern making class recently and wanted to test to see if I had my measurements right.

Either I didn’t have the measurements right, or the blanket material has more “give” in it than usual woven fabric: I had to take the seams in three times! And this was despite making a waist facing using a fairly tightly woven cotton and interfacing. It was kind of ironic the amount of time this skirt took to make, seeing as I thought it would be really quick and that’s why I wanted to share the idea with you – no hemming required as the material has gone all felty (I’d had this blanket since I was a child), and only two pattern pieces as I put the zip in the side seam. 

I’m going to have to spend even longer on this skirt even though it’s finished now, as I somehow have to remove all the cat fur from it (from the three cats that have slept on my bed over the years)! 

Someone told me that rubbing a thong (that’s a flip flop for US readers, not underwear!!! Eww!) over pet fur is effective in getting rid of it, so I’ll give that a go. Or do you have a tip you could share with us?