VAMFF favourites

I’ve been awfully quiet about VAMFF on this blog, but if you follow me on social media you may have seen a few blurry photos from the shows, which by now are kind of old news. But being a lover of vintage, I’m allowed to talk about old news! If you missed out on VAMFF, you’re welcome to check out my reviews here, here, here and here, but fashion really is a visual thing, isn’t it? So here are some much better images than my bad attempts (thanks, Lucas Dawson Photography!). These are my favourite looks from the week – I’d love to be able to afford them, but as I have a rather large, grown-up purchase coming up soon, I might just have to get by with some DIY versions.

YB J’aime By Yeojin Bae – who doesn’t love a bit of leopard print? With its white background, this version is clean and contemporary and would add roar to some raw material (I’ve actually tried this before). The fitted black dress with swingy fringing was a winner too. Maybe try adding bits of fringing to a simple shift?

YB J_'aime By Yeojin Bae001

YB J_'aime By Yeojin Bae002


Alpha 60 – red is such a strong colour and this simple shaped tunic really makes the most of its visual impact. Here it’s worn with pants, but I was seated behind a very stylish lady who wore it as a dress, which is what I would do too. The cute ties on the cuffs are very DIY-able on just about any top with sleeves.



Bianca Spender – orange and beige sounds like a bad colour combo that should have stayed in the ’70s, but it works so well here! No DIY sewing suggestions for this one, as usually garments that look so laidback and simple turn out to be nightmares to recreate.

Bianca Spender


Cameo – I didn’t actually see this show but these prints really stood out when I was browsing through Lucas’ photos. If, like me, drawing is not your strong point, you could always try a simple line version of this oversized leaf print using black fabric marker – everyone can draw a leaf! The black windcheater is a good example of experimenting with unusual textures and reminds me I still have some material left over from making a leather-look top. I might just have to use it up on something like this.




Willow – sheers were everywhere at the shows. Even though I like it, I’m not sure I’d wear something as revealing as this look, but it serves to illustrate what a well-placed pocket can do!

Photo by Lucas Dawson


Carla Zampatti – while this guipure lace two-piece would be perfect for the modern bride, the bustier just by itself would look great with high-waisted trousers or a really full skirt (plus, I could use up scraps of fabric making it!).

Lucas Dawson Photography


Christina Exie – the jacket shows a new take on the ombre trend with what appears to be black felted wool over white (or maybe it’s the other way around). I have never been a fan of felting but this look has changed my mind. Sign me up for the next community centre workshop!

Christina Exie504


Ellery – the billowy dress made from gazar-like graphic printed fabric might not be so easy to recreate (although I’d give it a red hot go) but the ribbon around the neck is very doable for DIY-ers at any level.

Lucas Dawson Photography


Emma Mulholland – you’re possibly thinking that this doesn’t look remotely like my style, but I fell in love with this kooky collection. Maybe it was the alien pom pom headgear, or the shiny micro miniskirts, or perhaps the ’80s-inspired prints, but I wanted it all!

Emma Mulholland505

Emma Mulholland508


Ginger and Smart – super-skinny secretary skirt in scarlet: yes. Black silk T-shirt or leather corselette: yes. And the raffia trim on the cape and skirt? Definitely.

Ginger Smart014

Ginger Smart016


Gorman – this boxy checked jacket had the potential to look very, very bad, but with this mini-dress it’s perfect. It reminds me of patchwork, something I’ve been meaning to try in clothing form for a while (yes, whittling away at my fabric stash is one of the incentives behind the patchwork idea!).



Josh Goot – super simple shape gets a boost with this bold silver stamp. I do have a plain black T-shirt awaiting a revamp soI might give this a go, perhaps using a stencil and some kind of fabric paint?

Photo by Lucas Dawson


Kahlo – patent leather and suede – let’s just admire this one and not think about how we could create something even remotely similar (oh, what’s the use, my brain inevitably starts on its usual train of thought… perhaps shiny fabric paint on canvas might work?).



Kathryn Beker – you could certainly try making this sweeping skirt in an inky shade, but the lace-face would definitely be quicker.

Kathryn Beker507


Kuwaii – hot pink and a Mod silhouette, a must this winter! Just looking at it warms me up.Kuwaii502


Leonard St – layering hasn’t looked this good in ages. Such a simple styling idea: this autumn-weight tunic would look fine with tights or leggings, but over a colourful summery dress it takes on a totally different persona. Leonard St511


Maticevski – if you thought peplums were over, check (haha) this one out, and click here for how to make one. I also love the drop-waist dress in lilac.Photo by Lucas Dawson

VAMFF Melbourne Fashion Festival


Thurley – a cable-knit dress where the cables form fringing really makes me wish my grandma had taught me how to knit (meanwhile, my brain is feverishly calculating a way to make this in crochet, which she DID teach me).



Macgraw – short red flippy skirt and printed windcheater: the perfect uniform for winter. I kind of have the skirt already, made from a cat blanket (of course!).



Alice McCall – always one of my favourites and this time was no exception. Huge tropical flowers on a puff-sleeved sweater? Oversized black and white blooms on a yellow mini-dress? Postcard prints on a perky twin-set? Why, I don’t mind if I do.Alice McCall509

Alice McCall504

Alice McCall500


Nevenka – so feminine yet so strong. And so tempting to cut up the stack of doilies I found at op shops to try to make something similar!



With all this inspiration, hopefully my mountain of material will look more like a molehill by the end of winter. How about you, did you go to any of the VAMFF shows? And what was your favourite look?