A singlet changes its spots

Have you ever worn a garment made from modal before? This cloth keeps its cool even on a hot summer’s day and has a great reputation as an eco-friendly fabric, as well as being comfortable. My white Sosume T-shirt made from modal was one of the few things I could bear to wear during a heatwave last summer (thanks to Jesse Maricic at Raww for this picture).
 Why am I extolling the virtues of a warm-weather material when it’s winter in Melbourne? Simple – I’m GOING ON HOLIDAY TO A HOT COUNTRY IN A WEEK (I’m a bit excited about it!) and I’m putting my holiday wardrobe together. It includes this singlet.  

It’s also by Sosume, a Melbourne brand which is doing great things for sustainable fashion. I received it as a present but have never worn it because, to be honest, it’s so thin that it’s a little too see-through to wear in public! But knowing how light and airy the T-shirt is, I knew the singlet should definitely accompany me on my tropical getaway. The question was, how to make it wearable? This was my answer. 

Yep, my Pentel dye sticks which I bought back in the ’80s. I never throw anything out! As my drawing skills are limited I didn’t try anything tricky, but went for a freehand animal print kind of design. 

 Easy, if a little monotonous, but the perfect project for a night in front of the TV. All you do is draw your design on, place paper over the top and iron the material to set the colour. Ta da!

 I am yet to do a test-wear, but my other theory when thinking up this DIY was that a print would disguise the inevitable spots of sweat that look so obvious on a plain material. Not exactly a glamorous thing to admit, but it’s something to consider when putting together humidity-friendly outfits! Try using these sneaky scribbles if you have a too-sheer top that you want to make more modest, draw eyes away from embarrassing sweat marks – or simply want to add a touch of animal (or any other design!) to your wardrobe.