Batik for Bali

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m off overseas this week. Here’s my holiday wardrobe…

I’m quite proud of myself as it’s nearly all either DIY or op-shop stuff, including this white tie-front top. Prints (mainly batik!) are featuring quite heavily, because I built this “capsule” wardrobe around an ethnic look and the pieces are easy to mix and match, but also for more practical and far less fashionable reasons – being prone to perspiration as I am (it must be because I’m so hot, haha) I need something that will make sweat stains less obvious. And in my experience, patterns and prints help to hide perspiration!    

Basically a trip to Bali is a good excuse to bring my beloved batik out of hibernation. And sandals too of course!

All my accessories fit inside my African straw hat

But here they are so you can see them a bit better, if you’re interested – again, these are nearly all op-shop finds or DIYs. I know, it’s a lot to take on what is a fairly short (12-day) holiday, but accessories are my weakness and they make such a difference to an outfit!

Of course the best accessory for a holiday in the sun – apart from these shades – is my trusty (and somewhat worse for the wear) umbrella. After years in Japan I am quite used to parading around with a parasol to keep damaging rays off my face. I don’t care if people think I look strange – a sun umbrella is like your own portable shade, so it keeps you cooler but more importantly, saves your skin. Visit me in 20 years’ time and hopefully you’ll see what I mean!    

My other beauty essential on this trip is gel eyeliner from Curtis Collection by Victoria, thanks to Vivian Ashworth. Pencil eyeliner just seems to slide off my lids these days, so after admiring the staying power of some friends’ makeup I was convinced a gel alternative would be the way to go. But more on that in an upcoming post – must get my beauty sleep before departure!

あと2日間でバリ島に出発します!わ〜い!楽しみ!荷造りはかなり考えましたが、蒸し暑いから、結局汗をよく隠せるプリントものを中心にして「旅用ワードローブ」を作りました。特に大好きなバティクプリントが多いです。見ているだけで夏気分になります!そして夏というと、もちろん帽子も、サングラスも、日傘が必要ですね。日本にずっと住んでいたから日傘を持ち歩くのになれているけど、オーストラリアではたまに友達に笑われます。しわ対策になるのよ!なんて言っても分かってくれないみたいです!でも、私は逆に友達のアドバイスを大事にします。アイラインがきれいな友人にその秘密を聞いたら、ジェルのアイライナーだと言われたから、試してみることにしました。Vivian AshworthさんにもらったCurtis Collection by Victoriaのジェルアイライナーを持って行きますが、今度その商品についてプチレビューをアップしますね。では、行ってきます!