The Ethics of Style

We all know clothes don’t go on trees. But wouldn’t it be cool if they did? Hopefully one day those scientists working away in their labs will solve all our fashion guilt problems along with the myriad sustainability issues that affect the garment industry by growing orchards full of garments for everyone, but until they do, let us gaze upon a depiction of this charming fantasy…
Edwina White, Bountiful

Edwina White’s work is just one of several pieces in The Ethics of Style exhibition at The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham. The exhibition, which showcases several interpretations of sustainable fashion as well as fashion illustration, is open already and runs until July 21, but as I’ve been on holiday (more in upcoming posts!) I haven’t made it there yet. Judging from these images which the gallery kindly sent me, though, I think it will be well worth your while to pay a visit – art AND fashion under the one roof – now that’s a fantasy come true!  
Edwina White, China Girls

Christine Pan, from Mask Series
Gemma Anastasiou’s bonded coat with flower petals (more on her in the current edition of Peppermint magazine!)

Joseph Jang’s handpainted calico and denim dress

Gemma Anastasiou’s bonded dress with flower petals

Illustration by Kerrie Hess

Rachael Cassar’s black sheer dress
*Shameless self-promotion spoiler*
In conjunction with the exhibition, the kind folks at the gallery have invited me to host a DIY workshop at the gallery on July 20. Details will follow, but if you want to get in early, contact Sigrid on (03) 9439 1206. I can’t promise that you’ll create anything quite as fabulous as the stunning gowns by the designers at the exhibition, but I do guarantee you will have fun and possibly discover a latent talent for making stuff out of crap!

雑誌などで素晴らしいエコファッションはたまに見るけど、生で見る機会は滅多にありません。でもちょうど今、ElthamThe Light Factory Galleryでエコファッションとアートの展覧会が開始中です。いろんなアーチストの作品が展示されていますが、リサイクルされた生地でできたドレスや実物の花びらがプリントになった洋服も見れるので、エコ・美術・ファッションに興味があるならかなり行く価値のある展覧会だと思います。
そして7月20日に、私が行うリメイクワークショップがあるので、自分のワードローブをリフレッシュしたい方、是非いらっしてださい!ご予約や情報はシグリッドまでお電話ください:(03) 9439 1206. お会いできること、楽しみにしています!