Triple the thrifty holiday fun!

Can you believe it’s JULY already, people? Where on earth does the time go? This time last week I was sitting on a beach in Bali, and now here I am back in chilly Melbourne, reliving tropical memories through my happy snaps. I have quite a few stories to share with you from my trip, but before I start on those, here’s a DIY from my holiday wardrobe.
 Many years ago I made this dress from some batik material I bought at a jumble sale in Tokyo for $1. I wore it a bit but in recent times it’s been buried in my wardrobe as the frilly hem – which I originally added to make the micro-mini length a little more modest –  hasn’t really felt right, and I’m not so keen on the spaghetti straps either.
I put quite a lot of thought into my Bali holiday wardrobe as it had to be functional in the heat and humidity, but also had to be something I actually wanted to wear. Also, for some reason, I had “touring 60s royalty” as my wardrobe theme – I wanted to dress the way a visiting lady might have done in the 1960s – then-Crown Princess Michiko of Japan, for example, although not all in white as she is shown here as that would just be a recipe for disaster…
(Seriously, where DID I get this idea!? A few more images here if you like the empress’ style.) Anyway, I suppose what I mean is that rather than flowy, easy-wear pieces, I had more structured garments in mind, and I had a real urge to use batik, partly because there is such a strong tradition of it in Indonesia and I’m sure visiting aristocracy often dress to honour this, but partly just because I love it and it travels so well! So I started deconstructing this dress to create my travel wardrobe. Here it is minus the hem frill…

 And here is what I made the dress into – I basically just cut off the top part, gathered the waistline and added a waistband to create a skirt (it has a zip at the back).

 I had a bit more of the material lying around so I made a T-shirt top and a headscarf too (note the bias binding around the neckline, I still have heaps of it despite using a lot in this project last year). 

Talk about matchy-matchy!

Anyway, here I am on location in our hotel in Ubud, modelling the whole set. Three items from a $1 piece of material – not bad, hey?! (Actually, once I make a bralette from the remaining top part of the dress, I will have got four items out of that piece of material!!) 

I completed my outfit with a necklace that I found recently at an op shop and some malachite bangles from a market in South Africa. All those verdant hues made it an extremely apt outfit to wear to the Green Village – but more on that next time!

  東京に住んでいた時、大きいジャンブルセールでバティクの生地を¥100で買って花火大会用のワンピースを作りました。当時(8年ぐらい前かな?)結構着ていたけれど、今となっては裾のフリルや細いストラップが気に入らなくなって最近全く着ていません。でも生地実体がまだ大好きだから人にあげるにはもったいないと思って、リメイクすることにしました。バリ島の旅が決まったら、結構悩んでいたリメイクがピンときました。バティク地は60年代に広がったから、60年代にインスパイアされたコーディネートにでも作り直したいな〜と思いました。(そして、路子サマの60年代スタイルにもなぜかインスパイアされた!そのイメージは一体どこから来たか、全く分かりませんが 笑)