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Back-to-front blouse

Around about the time I started this blog, back in 2010, I bought this blouse from an opshop. The colours and pattern had me hooked (they’re kind of so bad that they’re good)… Continue reading

Batik for Bali

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m off overseas this week. Here’s my holiday wardrobe… I’m quite proud of myself as it’s nearly all either DIY or op-shop stuff, including this white… Continue reading

Ballet & Fashion at the NGV

Vanessa LEYONHJELM (designer): Justine Summers in Tutu and headdress 1994 Divergence, choreographed by Stanton Welch, The Australian Ballet, 1994 The Australian Ballet Collection, Melbourne Photo: Jim McFarlane  Summer in Melbourne can only mean… Continue reading

Melbourne summer must-dos

Yay! Work is over, summer holidays are here and I’ve finally had a chance to get some blog posts going again!So what’s kept me so busy? All that end of year socialising! Actually… Continue reading

Committing koromogae

Every six months, Japanese commit koromogae. Unlike harakiri, koromogae does not tend to result in death, unless the person committing it is smothered under a pile of their own clothes. This is actually… Continue reading

Taking a break before I even begin

Starting a blog is no big deal, right? At least it used not to be. But when I started thinking about the fabulousness of certain bloggers (the amazing Tavi, the charming Lady Melbourne,… Continue reading