Back-to-front blouse

Around about the time I started this blog, back in 2010, I bought this blouse from an opshop.

P1040637 P1040638

The colours and pattern had me hooked (they’re kind of so bad that they’re good) but I was going to have to do something about the ’90s-nuanced neckline and gold buttons. So I chopped around the neck, removed the buttons and unpicked the front and then ran out of inspiration and left the whole thing in my “to do” basket, from which it’s made a brief exodus every summer when I think “I really should do something with this” before failing to come up with a plan and returning it to the (ever-increasing) WIP pile.

This year I dug it out and tried it on yet again…


…and finally decided it was better worn back to front. With the sleeves pushed up. And perhaps tucked in to leather pants and accessorised with heels, a turban and tasselly earrings (which you may have seen somewhere else recently…).


To transform it, I put in a zip upside down in what was originally the front, and used a strip of excess fabric from that front section to edge the neck. I also took the sides in a little bit, and because that made the armholes smaller around the under-arms, I had to unpick some of the sleeves and re-fit them around the armholes.


Anything that requires a lot of trying on and refitting is best done in warm weather, and Melbourne’s unseasonably high temperatures last week made conditions perfect for me to finally complete this project, along with the fact that my tax return from 2014-15 was due and I therefore got the sudden urge to sew.print4

I don’t have anything colourful or patterned at all in my wardrobe and was in desperate need of new clothes, so finishing this blouse I’d had on hold for six years was much, much more important than getting millions of receipts in order. You know how it is.


(While I’m here, can I just say again how glad I am that my aunt made me buy these $2 leather pants… recent middle-aged spread has made my jeans rather uncomfortable so I have been getting a lot of wear out of these!)