Bloggers on the Bellarine – high tea on the high seas

There comes a time in every holiday when one (or two.. or five, as per our group of bloggers…) must bid farewell to their home-away-from-home.

We’d certainly had a comfortable stay and lovely sleep-ins at the Big4Bellarine Holiday Park but it was time to be on our way (even though we hadn’t bounced on the huge jumping pillow inside the park or raced each other in the go-karty things provided… oh well, next time!).

After all, we had a ferry to catch!
And, perhaps more importantly, a high tea to take care of. After all, it would be rude to keep cakes waiting!

 High tea on the high seas is a brilliant idea, don’t you think?

 Not only do you get to eat in fine style, you travel and get to see gorgeous scenery at the same time!

 Actually, we didn’t exactly get anywhere, because we simply went from Geelong to Sorrento and back again without leaving the boat. But who needs to step ashore with so many photo opportunities on board? 

Not Marianne in her leopard-print tights…

Or Iolanthe in her woolly parka…

Or me in my incredible shrinking jumper…  

 Sarah and Sarah chose to stay inside out of the elements, but be assured, they had plenty of fun too! Until we arrived back at Geelong, that is. Then we all shed invisible tears because our little getaway was over. But I’m sure there’ll be many more to come! 

Bellarine Peninsulaのブロガーズ旅ではBig4Bellarine Holiday Parkに泊まりましたが、子供なら最高な場所だと思います。大きい公園の中に小屋がついているけど、テニスコートや屋外遊具もあるから、本当に遊び放題という感じです。私たちはフェリーに乗らないと行けなかったので遊ぶ暇がなかったけど、ご家族で旅するならかなり楽しいと思います。でもフェリーも楽しかった!ハイティーでおいしいコーヒーやサンドウィッチ、そしてもちろんケーキもいただきましたが、GeelongからSorrentoまでの景色も見れて、フェリーでちょっと遊び心の入った写真をたくさん撮りました。冬にしても天気が良かったから本当にいい経験でした。今度は一泊旅行でなく、もっと時間をかけてゆっくりベラリン冒険でもしたいと思います!