BusiChic does my work for me

Yep, just when I was wondering what to post about today, BusiChic did this for me.
I actually had intended to post about the top that I’m wearing, but they beat me to it. It’s made from fabric that I got for free and apparently is used to cover car seats, and is smooth on one side and printed to look like leather on the other. I made it so that it’s reversible, with the seams as a feature on the leather-look side (you can just see the shoulder seams in this shot).

I’ll maybe do a more close-up look at it another time so you can see the smooth “seamless” side, if you like?
As usual, all my accessories are from markets or op shops, except the chain necklace with green coral which I made myself. If you want to see more on my outfit, head over to the BusinessChic site! There’s always lots of stylish ladies (and gents) to check out over there!