Don’t you know it’s fashion week?*

Although I’m not a street style blogger, something about fashion weeks and all the people who make an extra effort with their outfits brings out the snaparazzi in me. It’s LMFF in Melbourne right now, and here are a few shots to show you what the crowd’s been wearing!

Melbourne fashion’s royal “couple” du jour (that’s the extent of my French), Thom and Lisa from (they have great coverage of LMFF… go here and here for instance… you may spot me in there!)

Lara McPherson looking stunning in her mum’s dress…

Meagan Harding of Style Farm in a dress she made herself (she’s a bit amazing at DIY…)

Rachel and Rebekah of Meet Me on the Streetsusually they’re behind the lenses but I think they should be in front of them!

Jess from What Would Karl Do with her friend (Georgina I think?), Irish Rivera from Stylezilla and fashion design veteran Jenny Bannister.

Sarah from Sarahs Style Emporium, someone else you might know in a Vintage Vogue patterns dress, and Cecylia. Lots of clashing pinks and reds!

Cecylia with jewellery designer Estelle Deve in a Christopher Kane dress.

Andy from The Herald Sun showing off her seamed stockings with Lisa from (wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress from Topshop and inspiring envy in all).

Lisa and Andy are just too cute! Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage is on the left with Tuula

For the shows yesterday I wore a kimono because it was March 11, the one year anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake in Fukushima. (Photo credit goes to Meet Me on the Streets!) I had a lot of people asking me how I draped this so I’ll put up a tutorial later if you like. It’s so easy I don’t know why I haven’t done it before! The singlet I’m wearing is one I made with applique from an obi years ago.

Rachel and Rebekah again

Teepees on the runway (and knitted cacti!) at the Frankie show…

Glenda from gt gadabout with James who has organised the fashion film program at ACMI (he did an exclusive screening for a few of us a couple of weeks ago – so spoilt!). James is wearing a cockatoo brooch (if you can call a life-size cockatoo a brooch?) that Glenda made for him. His name’s Bruce. Of course.

Glenda and I winding up the night! More snaps from LMFF in the next few posts, most likely!

*During the last fashion week in September, I kept getting calls from my bank at inopportune times and I kept telling them I couldn’t talk, I was busy, etc etc. Finally, when they called me while I was trying to write a blog post for City Weekly as well as run off to a show, I tried to explain I couldn’t talk and got very flustered and said “It’s fashion week!” which was, of course, met with stunned silence at the end of the phone and sniggers from all my co-workers… But really, people should know how busy it gets during fashion week, right? Right??