What a difference a dye makes

Remember my post about The Front Row project? Georgia made this dress which Lisa from Couturing.com wore early in the week at LMFF (picture from Couturing.com).

But Lisa didn’t just take it home and hang in her (amply stocked!) wardrobe. The point of Georgia’s project was to make some dresses which would be worn once, then altered for the next wearer. I was the next wearer for Lisa’s dress, and as Georgia had told me about an indigo dyeing workshop she’d been doing, we decided to see how the dress would turn out if we tie dyed it. Here are some samples that Georgia did at the workshop – isn’t it cool, all the different effects that can be achieved just by scrunching, twisting or folding between planks.
This is the dye bath… Georgia took a little while to get it ready as it’s a little bit tricky adding the chemicals (the indigo itself is organic but she still had to add a few things).
We experimented with a few other bits of clothing before doing the dress, but I will show you those in another post. Here’s Georgia dyeing the dress – she twisted it quite tightly and dipped it in the vat very carefully before lifting it out slowly and letting it drip into another container. If you let the item you’re dyeing drip into the vat, too much oxygen gets into the solution and the dye stops working. The dye is really like a living thing and has to be treated with a healthy amount of respect!
Here’s the dress, untwisted…

After dyeing, Georgia rinsed it to remove excess colour and hung it out to dry. And then I wore it…

I kind of went for the water nymph look but my hair isn’t long and flowing enough to really pull it off successfully. Whereas Lady Melbourne, who was also wearing a dress by Georgia (previously worn by Kyra), managed an old Hollywood glam look very well. See?
Love how she’s done her makeup, very sultry and quite different from her day look. And the pearl collar is such a great touch!

Check out Georgia’s blog to see how her other dresses were worn – it was great to see everyone putting their own personal spin on her creations!