Ugliness unpicked

Is this jumper hideous?

Well, maybe it depends how you wear it. Is this better?


As the hashtag says, I #founditatVinnies and as I still had some funds remaining on my gift card from a few months ago I decided it was so hilariously ugly it would provide just the kind of DIY & styling challenge I enjoy (plus, it’s 100% wool and seems good quality, which is kind of rare these days). While most people would probably find the problem in the crazy colours, my issue was the silhouette that puffed out around the tummy because of the tight waistband sitting on the hips. So I unpicked the side seams up to the waist to make it a looser fit.


This was not difficult once I managed to actually find the side seam. As it was stitched in the same colour as the rest of the jumper it took a bit of detective work to make sure I didn’t unravel the whole thing by inadvertently pulling on the wrong thread! So annoying when the thread you’re trying to find is the same colour as the jumper! But woohoo… I did it in the end!


(After some mild celebrations I secured the loose ends of the thread by stitching them back into the side seam… so lucky when the thread is the same colour as the jumper and it’s easy to hide!)


Not so hideous now! I’m wearing it with a skirt I made from a cat blanket, fleamarket earrings and navy patent leather boots that I just bought at an opshop last week for $10…


…but I can kind of dress it down by wearing it with jeans too.


(that is, if gold cowboy boots constitute dressing down…)


It certainly won’t go with every item of clothing I own, but I’m looking forward to its ugliness brightening up some winter days soon!