Event news: The True Cost screening

Suburban Sandcastles screenshot

Just a quick one this week* to let you know about something special coming up on June 15. The True Cost, a documentary  about fashion’s impact on people and the planet, is being screened in the burbs of Melbourne (Parkdale, to be exact) together with a conversation panel… and somehow, I am on that panel! The group that is hosting the screening is called Suburban Sandcastles and they interviewed me about my interest in sustainable fashion in the leadup to the screening, so if you’re interested, read it here. And if you’d like to come to the event, you can find out more about it here and book here.

I haven’t seen the documentary yet so I’m looking forward to that, although unfortunately, knowing what I know about the fashion industry, I don’t expect to come out in a joyous mood. Thinking positively about that, at least it will take my mind off speaking on a panel, which I’ve never done before and am just *slightly* nervous about. Wish me luck!


*I’m translating two publications simultaneously, one about moss and the other about the latest haircuts. I am trying very hard to keep these two projects separate, because who knows what could happen if I accidentally give the hair client the translation about how to grow moss. If you start seeing people wandering around with their heads covered in green, spongy stuff, you’ll know who to blame.