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Event news: The True Cost screening

Just a quick one this week* to let you know about something special coming up on June 15. The True Cost, a documentary  about fashion’s impact on people and the planet, is being screened… Continue reading

My Christmas is here!

I know that officially, Christmas day is next week, but mine seems to have arrived early. For a start, I’m on holidays (from my day job, at least), but what’s even more exciting… Continue reading

Starlet style hair – it will be mine!

When I got my hair cut last week I was a bit anxious. It’s been a while since I had short hair, after all.  (image from here) But thinking of all the glamorous… Continue reading

Christmas for women in crisis

As you’d probably know by now, I’m a big fan of doing good, especially when it’s made easy for you because you were going to do something anyway. Not making much sense? Let… Continue reading