My Christmas is here!

I know that officially, Christmas day is next week, but mine seems to have arrived early. For a start, I’m on holidays (from my day job, at least), but what’s even more exciting is that my hair is doing what I want it to do! When I had it cut at Organika, Lisa gave me some products to try from the eco-friendly Alterna “Caviar” range that they use in the salon.  (I accept all responsibility for the cheesy Christmas styling of this photo!)
She told me I could use them without even blow-drying my hair, because they would give it the extra volume anyway, but having to look presentable every day at work, I didn’t want to risk trying that so just stuck with my usual routine. But I had a day at home this week so decided to experiment with just using these and NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE (no blow-drying or using any other product). I’m quite happy with the result (lesson learnt: listen to your hairdresser!).      

You might think that with my Asian heritage, my hair would be straight and shiny and no problem at all. Well, yes, until I was about 20 or so, it fairly much was like that. But then something happened and now it has weird waves in random places and frizzes out like nobody’s business if there’s even a hint of humidity. So discovering products that work on it is definitely something to celebrate.   

Something else to celebrate was finding this skirt and shoes (in such obviously Christmassy colours that I couldn’t resist this festive-themed post). The skirt is pure silk, reminds me of Keira Knightley’s infamous dress in Atonement, and (drumroll) was $5 at Uniting Care’s op shop in Dandenong. I was kind of trying to channel Keira’s look and hair when I put this outfit together (very “kind of”!!).

I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to wear it as there are no parties on the foreseeable horizon, but pure silk? For $5? As if I could say no!! I had been thinking of using some green cotton in my fabric stash to make a similar long skirt to wear when I get in a Frida Kahlo mood, so I’m now wondering if there is something to The Secret* after all (I shall now concentrate my energies on thinking about magically finding enough money for a house, plus the solutions to all life’s mysteries, under a tree in the backyard).       

After the joy of finding the skirt, I found the Bally Jeunesse shoes for $5.99 just down the road from Uniting Care at the Salvos (Dandenong is a lazy op-shopper’s haven, as Uniting Care and Vinnies share the same carpark and the Salvos is about a minute walk from there, and all three stores are huge).

Retro-ish hair with minimal fuss and a silk skirt and red shoes for $10.99. Now you understand why I feel like Christmas is already here!
And on that happy note, I’ll sign off for 2013. Thanks for sticking with me this year and I look forward to seeing you (hopefully in a shiny new format!) in 2014!  

*Personally, I prefer The Chaser’s version of this “law of attraction”…