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Adventures in African style

OK, so I’m about to show you a fairly miraculous transformation in this post, but first things first, meet my latest catsitting client. How cute is she, despite looking a bit disgruntled in this… Continue reading

Of libraries and leather skirts

These past few weeks have been a blur of translating – books about kimono patterns and moss and a hair salon catalogue all due around the same time have meant I’ve been giving… Continue reading

Elastic waists? Mais oui!

Look what I found at a Vinnies recently! Sonia Rykiel woollen pants for $22 (although I had a Vinnies gift card, so I didn’t even have to pay for them)! Plain black and… Continue reading

This year, I’m taking a chance on pants

Happy new year – yes, again! It’s now the Chinese Year of the Horse, although being the bad Asian I am, I actually forgot it was Chinese new year until I was kept… Continue reading

If the ’70s aren’t your style, try ’50s fashion

Is it too late to wish you happy new year? I hadn’t intended on such a long blogging break, but various forms of technology conspired against me*, and so I find it’s been… Continue reading

My Christmas is here!

I know that officially, Christmas day is next week, but mine seems to have arrived early. For a start, I’m on holidays (from my day job, at least), but what’s even more exciting… Continue reading

How to increase your op shop options

Recently I did a guest post on the Econest blog about finding stuff at op shops. If you’re not already an op shop convert, hopefully reading that post will convince you to give… Continue reading

Faux fur facelift for boots

When the weather’s as chilly and miserable as it has been in Melbourne this week, the only sensible thing to do is play around with your wardrobe. So while faux fur legwarmers might… Continue reading

Painted love

Do you buy the pattern and then find the fabric to fit when you’re sewing? Or do you work the other way around? I must say that after years of working with vintage… Continue reading

That’s a load of rubbish!

No, this post is not actually about my bedroom, although given its current state, you’d be forgiven for thinking that.Why is it such a mess? Well, it’s partly because I’ve been too busy… Continue reading