How to increase your op shop options

Recently I did a guest post on the Econest blog about finding stuff at op shops. If you’re not already an op shop convert, hopefully reading that post will convince you to give it a go. And if not – does this help?

These are just a few of the things I’ve found at op shops in the past week or so. The most expensive item was the 100% wool Sportscraft jacket in pretty much perfect condition, the other things were all $5 or under. I actually found a lot more stuff, but these items all have something in common which I realised I didn’t talk about much in the Econest post, and that is potential. Yes, any of these could be worn just as they are, but a little twist (or in some cases, a major reworking) often makes a big difference. If you can spot potential on the rack at your favourite op shop it will make it much easier to score big, so in the next few weeks I’m going to do a series of posts about how I rework or restyle my op shop finds. I admit that some of my projects on this blog are not for beginners, but a lot of what I do doesn’t involve any sewing, so even the most DIY-shy of you can tune in without being scared off!

If you have any particular questions about refashioning your own op shop finds or unworn wardrobe items, I’d love to hear about them and maybe even share them on this blog to give other readers some ideas, so comment on this post, tweet me (@Leeyong_Soo) or send me an email ( – let’s get this DIY party started!
皆さんはチャリティショップ好きですか? 私は(ご存知の通り!!)大好きで、この間別のブログでチャリティショップでいい物の見つけ方について書きましたが、そこで一つ書き忘れたことがありました。それは「可能性」ということです。チャリティショップには完璧じゃない物が沢山あるけど、ちょっとだけ変えたら自分なりに完璧になる物も沢山あるはず。この写真にあるジャケット、サンダル、ワンピースとブレスレットは全部チャリティショップで見つけたものです。どれもこのままでもOKだけど、ちょっとだけ変えたらもっと着たくなるから、これからのブログではそれらの変え方をシェアします。
皆さんも「これだけ変えたら完璧になるのに」って服、あると思いますが、アイデアが欲しければメール (もしくはツィッター(@Leeyong_Soo)で連絡してね〜