Christmas for women in crisis

As you’d probably know by now, I’m a big fan of doing good, especially when it’s made easy for you because you were going to do something anyway. Not making much sense? Let me explain.

Over the years I’ve attended countless fashion events and received lots of hair and beauty samples. I’ve often given them away to friends, but as deserving as they are, there are some women who would probably appreciate these products much more. 
New Day Box has come up with the excellent idea of giving boxes of goodies to women in crisis centres this Christmas, put together by women like you and I. Makeup, hair products, nail polish, fancy chocolates – little luxuries that any lady would love, but perhaps more so a woman going through a really tough time – can go into the boxes, which you can decorate too. 

 I was going to clear out my product stash as part of my attempt to makeover myself and my life, so when I heard about New Day Box a light bulb went off in my mind. I get to clean up, which I was going to do anyway, and help people too? Got to love that! I have to admit I’m a bit pressed for time right now so haven’t decorated a box, but I’ve got together a pretty good collection to drop off which the volunteers at New Day Box can use to make up other boxes. If you’d like to get involved, do it now, because donations have to be in by this Thursday, December 12. One of the ladies I follow on Instagram gathered a few friends together for a night of preparing goodies, decorating shoeboxes, snacking and watching DVDs, which sounds like an even more fun way to do good, if you’re organised enough! For more details on what to include in your donations and how to drop them off, go here.

クリスマスは幸せな時期のはずですが、家庭暴力や虐待から離れようとしている女性であれば楽しむのは難しいでしょう。だから、女性用のクライシスセンター(ちゃんとした日本語が分からないけど、意味通じますか?)でクリスマスを過ごす女性達のために、New Day Boxは素敵なアイデアを考えたのです。それは何かというと、自分の未使用のメイク、香水、マニキュアなどを集めて、きれいにした靴箱に入れて寄付することです。チョコ、かわいいノートなど入れてもいいみたいです。集めたものは12日の木曜日までにメルボルン市内のところに持っていたら、クリスマスプレゼントとして困った女性に配られます。あまり時間がないので、もしご興味ありましたらいますぐ物集めしてください!詳細はここにあります。