Being Marc Jacob’s muse

Do these earrings look familiar? Well yes, I think they do… in fact I think they look quite a lot like these ones that I made recently from tassels that cost 50c each and clip on buttony earrings that were about $1.

But the glamorous lady in the first picture is wearing the latest from Louis Vuitton, so I think you would have to pay a bit more than $2 a pair for those earrings (just a little bit more). Not that I’m getting cocky or anything but I’m quite happy that I jumped on this trend AND I posted about it over a month ago, so you know I wasn’t copying Marc Jacobs!! Now if you want to know what the next big things are in earrings, and given my magnificent track record of predicting earring trends (haha) this post is a must-read…
Not long ago I took photos of SOME of my earrings (I have about 100 pairs, so this is just a small selection). What you are looking at here may be all over the catwalks in the not too distant future, so pay attention! (to the earrings, not the hair and lack of makeup!!)

from a flea market in Tokyo… maybe $1? These are the ones that Anna Dello Russo complimented me on… a proud moment indeed! (When I worked at Vogue Nippon we were in a fashion meeting and she was telling us we should use bolder accessories and then she pointed to my earrings and said “like hers”!)

from “Story”, my local op shop when I lived in Tokyo… I think these were either free or maybe 50c or so.

Also from “Story” and probably much the same price as the above. They remind me of ancient Egyptian jewellery, for no good reason… the green of the stone, maybe?

From the Salvos somewhere in Melbourne, maybe a few dollars?

From the Camberwell market, $5... if you’re really bored, you can check out my attempt at artiness incorporating these earrings here.

I have no idea where I got these, I haven’t actually worn them at all but I might give them a go this summer. They used to have something hanging off them, which I removed and now can’t remember what it was or where I put it!

From the Salvos, $2 I think… these seem to be someone’s metalwork project because the two earrings are ever so slightly different from one another. I attached the red leather using the same method that I used to make the suede loop earrings, but of course I can remove it easily and wear them plain. They remind me of clam shells.

Both from Bunkaya Zakkaten in Tokyo, both $1. I always get compliments on the second pair so I wish I’d bought several pairs and painted them or something… wouldn’t they look cool in black? I wear these ones a lot because they seem to go with everything… Do you have a go-to accessory too?