T-dress times two

Do you remember this dress? 
 More to the point, did I ever actually post about the original refashioning that I did on it? I was sure I had, which is why I didn’t bother getting a “before” shot prior to taking the scissors to it this weekend. Then, of course, I couldn’t find that post after all, but short of trawling my entire blog, the only picture I could find of it was this rather inadequate shot. So you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that originally when I bought it at Savers it was a long T-shirt dress with a pink shirt collar, which I removed, leaving it with a scoop neck that was too scoop-y and meant I had to wear something under it. That, and its maxi length, meant it was a bit too warm for a hot summer’s day. I decided I would get more wear out of it if I trimmed it to a mini length. Yep, I’ve remade a dress that I’d already remade a few years ago. I just can’t help myself.
I chopped a significant amount off the hem and also off the sleeves, then used the bit off the sleeves to make a square of material which I stitched to the sides of the neckline to cover up the decolletage so I wouldn’t have to wear something underneath. I left a little bit of skin showing at the bottom of the scoop-y section though – I think it makes it look a bit more modern than covering up completely, almost as if I’m wearing a bandeau top underneath a U-neck dress.

As liberal as my workplace is, I am not sure if I’d feel comfortable baring skin like this at the office. But if I wear it back to front… 

… it’s fine even for the office.

If I go out after work and want to look a little bit more interesting (ie show off my amazing cleavage… haha), I can just wear it the other way around! You can easily recreate this if you have a T-shirt or singlet style dress or top that isn’t too tailored – and the band across the chest (or back!) doesn’t have to be in the same fabric as the dress. How about trying it with a loose black T-shirt and making the bandeau part gold or some other bright material? If you want to make it even more versatile, you could use velcro or press studs and make several versions of the bandeau, perhaps one in material to match the dress, one in metallic and one in print fabric… and chiffon might be interesting too, for a more evening look. Let me know if you have any other ideas!