Jumping into January

Actually, thanks to the crazy hot weather, there hasn’t been a whole lot of jumping going on here. It would be more apt to say I’ve slid sweatily and lethargically into the new year, but I couldn’t work out how to make that into a catchy title. Anyway, let’s get to the clothes, which I assume is why you’re here (although it’s possible my dry wit lured you over). Today, it’s all about jumpsuits, although you could be forgiven for thinking it’s about a wedding as I happen to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…

This old thing? It was $8 from an opshop in Rye. It looks like leather and everyone wants to touch it when I wear it (which is a bonus!?) but it’s actually silk that’s been treated with some kind of coating. (The belt was from a different opshop but happens to work quite well with this outfit!)

leather silk jumpsuit

The “something new” should be next in line but I’ll keep you in suspense. Here’s something borrowed instead – a denim boilersuit by Nevada Duffy which I got to try on while accompanying Estelle on a shoot recently (thanks to Kayla Piccolo for snapping me!).

denim jumpsuit Nevada Duffy

Something blue? That would be this turquoise beauty that I scored from a former colleague who was about to take it to the opshop. She used to wear it in the ’80s so I thought it was apt to pose with a paste-up of an icon from that era.

turquoise jumpsuit Prince street art

And now for something new. A little batik number I whipped up last week.


“What batik? I don’t see any batik!” I hear you say.

Ah, that would be this batik that I bought in Denpasar last year for a few dollars.


I loved the pop art look of this design (which I think depicts Dewi Sri) and so bought two pieces – I seem to remember I had plans to make two cushion covers but then realised I could show them off best by working them into a jumpsuit… like so.

dewi sri batik DIY jumpsuit

Nearly every item of summer clothing I own is colourful or printed so I thought I’d make something plain black for a change – at the front, anyway. I’d bought some black remnant cotton a while ago and there was just enough for this project. Phew! I made it a bit roomy as I was feeling the effects of the festive season around the waist!!

jumpsuit black

I used this pattern to roughly get the shape for the front and adapted the back to best display the Dewi Sri’s faces.
Simplicity sewing pattern

The goddesses’ faces get smooshed when I belt the jumpsuit but it’s kind of necessary, otherwise I look like I’m in maternity wear!

dewi sri jumpsuit batik DIY

jumpsuit DIY sewing

As I used cotton, and black is such a forgiving shade, my new jumpsuit is already a firm favourite for super hot days. And I kind of like the fact that the goddesses have my back, literally. Far be it from me to pass up divine styling assistance!