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If you don’t like it then you shoulda put a ruffle on it*

*All the sewing ladies.. all the sewing ladies…. here’s a simple DIY for you!Years ago I made a dress from some printed Thai silk that was given to me, probably by my grandmother,… Continue reading

Double dose of DIY

It’s a sad fact of life that all good things must come to an end, holidays in particular. I’ve had three whole weeks off but am back to the daily grind tomorrow –… Continue reading

Do it in a dress

I seem to be all about themes lately. Last week was unintentionally French-themed, and this week I’m about supporting excellent causes. If you haven’t already read my post on Peppermint mag’s website or… Continue reading

For all cats, big and small

Not long ago, I did a post about a turban that I made from a blanket. I didn’t mention it then, but the reason I started cutting up my childhood blanket was to… Continue reading

My workshops bring all the boys to the yard…

Well… maybe not all the boys…and not to the yard either… but the workshop I did at Future Fashion Now on Friday did bring this man to the St Kilda Town Hall, which… Continue reading

Future fashion now!

(pic by you have plans for World Environment Day this Friday? No? Well, if you’re in Melbourne, you have no excuse* not to come down to St Kilda Town Hall and hang… Continue reading

Feeling Sydney’s Vivid vibe

Not so long ago, I had a fabulous time in Sydney at Fashion Week. How I wish I could be there this coming weekend for the Vivid Festival!! Unfortunately I can’t just jet… Continue reading

The Turbanator… I’ll be back!

Although Melbourne can get cold, it rarely requires warm, woolly headgear. This is one of the reasons I hardly ever wear a beanie, the other being that my head is small and looks… Continue reading

Fringe festival at the Clothing Exchange

I’m still getting more photos organised to round off my Fashion Week posts, but in the meantime, I thought you might be craving some off-catwalk craftiness. Well, I’m happy to say that I… Continue reading

In the Navy

It’s the last day of Self-stitched September! How did the rest of you go with it? I know I didn’t post about every single outfit I wore but believe me, I did wear… Continue reading