My workshops bring all the boys to the yard…

Well… maybe not all the boys…and not to the yard either… but the workshop I did at Future Fashion Now on Friday did bring this man to the St Kilda Town Hall, which is close enough…

I was quite surprised that my first student was a guy, because usually it’s only the ladies who want to learn how to make yo-yos (or Suffolk puffs, as they are also known). But this guy said he changed his shift at work so he could come to Future Fashion Now – and my workshop, of course! You can see how proud he was of his creation as he’s wearing the puff he made as a brooch. If any other extremely cool guys like this are reading, you should change your work shifts to come to free fashion and DIY workshops too. Us crafty ladies don’t bite, you know!
The rest of my students were ladies: little cuties like these (thanks to Lara at Wardrobe Wonderland for the sneaky pic) and much older ones too (who were also cuties).

There were several workshops on apart from mine, not that I got to take part in them as I was so busy running my own. I barely even had time to eat one of the free cupcakes. Suffolk puffs are obviously HOT NEWS (so hot that I will talk about them in my next post too)!
Anyway, I did get to meet Alicia who was running a workshop on how to make amazing accessories out of T-shirts, like the ones she is wearing.

Here are some more of her creations. So cool!

I also met Gwen Van Overbeke who is the founder of Hoooked Zpagetti. You should definitely check out the site: zpagetti is yarn made from fabric offcuts that you can knit or crochet into all sorts of fabulous things like these handbags.

You can even make rugs! As you might have guessed, crocheting a rug is just one of the many things on my list of things to do when I eventually get time. Agggh.

Apart from the free workshops, there was also a fashion parade showcasing sustainable labels and vintage gear. These high school students put together an outfit from bits and pieces they found in op shops.

Another group of high school students modelled outfits they found in op shops too. Here they are chatting with drag queen Kaye Sera, who apparently makes a lot of her outfits from offcuts from a futon factory!

I think everyone had a great evening – people got to learn how to make all sorts of things for free, they got to see a fashion show for free and meet all sorts of people, and there was free vegetarian food and prizes up for grabs too. With all that, how could anyone have had a bad time?!