In the Navy

It’s the last day of Self-stitched September! How did the rest of you go with it? I know I didn’t post about every single outfit I wore but believe me, I did wear SSS stuff every day, it wasn’t too hard seeing as I fiddle with just about everything I wear – if I haven’t made it from scratch then I’ve hemmed it, embellished it, altered it… so you can expect more of the same in the future.

This last dress is something I made about 5 years ago from the material that was left over when I made a jacket. (Do you notice a certain someone watching me?)

It was a rectangle that I basically made into a tube, gathered a little at the hem and put really strong elastic in around the top… like a really big, loose tube top with pockets.
I haven’t worn it that much as it has to be pretty cold to need a dress of this weight… it came in handy when I went to Stockholm Fashion Week a few years ago (and the scenery in these pics is a bit more interesting than my recent efforts, I’m sure you’ll agree…)