Do it in a dress

I seem to be all about themes lately. Last week was unintentionally French-themed, and this week I’m about supporting excellent causes. If you haven’t already read my post on Peppermint mag’s website or my little bit about it in issue #11 of the mag itself about Do it in a Dress, go ahead and do so now! Alternatively, head to the actual Do it in a Dress site, because I need my beauty sleep so I can’t be explaining it all over again here!

Tonight I just thought I’d put some pics up, seeing as I haven’t done any refashioning posts for a while (that would be because I’ve hardly had time to scratch myself, let alone stitch anything). I’ve remade a school dress for the girl behind the excellent Do it in a Dress campaign, Chantelle Baxter. Here’s how it looked to start with.

Any Melbourne girls know which school this is from? I am thinking it’s a private girls’ school, it somehow just gives that impression. Anyway, I thought it should still look school dressy for the purposes of the project, so I just chopped a bit off the hem and made it into necklacey bits …

… and at the back I have attached blue and green strips of bias binding that will trail behind Chantelle as she walks around next week spreading the word about the project, which is basically to help girls in Sierra Leone get to school.

The Sierra Leone flag is blue, white and green, hence the colours I chose. I learnt that from doing this project. Let’s hope it raises enough funds so that lots of girls in Sierra Leone get to learn things too! And now I better get to bed. Someone’s waiting rather impatiently there for me.