The Turbanator… I’ll be back!

Although Melbourne can get cold, it rarely requires warm, woolly headgear. This is one of the reasons I hardly ever wear a beanie, the other being that my head is small and looks ridiculous in a beanie, plus my hair is bad enough without having to endure beanie-hair.
On the other hand, I’m pretty sure a turban would work, thanks to the extra volume it imparts.

Especially if it makes me as glamorous as this!!
(I found the gorgeous pic here)

The only question is, what colour should I go for? (Photo from here)

Seeing as I don’t knit, can’t really be bothered crocheting, and have part of a red blanket left over from a Peppermint project (I’ll tell you when the issue’s out so you can see for yourselves!), I think I’ll be making my turban red. If it works out, I’ll post the how-to at The Clothing Exchange blog next week, so stay posted!