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What DOES one wear to solve a murder?

Something like this, perhaps? (Image from here) I know this doesn’t look anything like the kind of thing Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes would wear (Poirot in a grass skirt? Not a pretty… Continue reading

Love a good cause

Awwww…. it’s Valentine’s Day, but instead of flowers and chocolates, I got you this cute picture of a tiger cub giving his mum a kiss (image from here).Unlike many of my posts where… Continue reading

Wild about trivia

Guess what I got up to last night? I bet you can’t… unless you have been following this blog religiously and remembered that last night was my Trivia for Tigers event (in which… Continue reading

"Like a tiger"*

It’s not every day that I get to be in the paper, especially not one so widely read as mX. But when I do make my appearance, I like to wear my best… Continue reading

For all cats, big and small

Not long ago, I did a post about a turban that I made from a blanket. I didn’t mention it then, but the reason I started cutting up my childhood blanket was to… Continue reading

Tiger wine is REALLY NOT FINE

I know that most of the space on this blog is taken up with pictures of me cavorting around in my creations and generally looking like everything is fine with the world, but… Continue reading