Wild about trivia

Guess what I got up to last night? I bet you can’t… unless you have been following this blog religiously and remembered that last night was my Trivia for Tigers event (in which case I’m very flattered, but you probably need to get out and get a life. Just a suggestion).

Nearly 100 people packed the top floor of Honey Bar and we managed to raise over $2000 for TRAFFIC, which makes me extremely happy as it means we can help get the organisation a step closer to stamping out horrible things like this.
For a change, the event was nothing to do with fashion and the venue was too dark for my crappy camera to get any decent shots, so I haven’t got any pictures to show you of interesting outfits or anything like that… unless you count my attempts at getting into the wild animal theme, that is…

Despite my love of prints, I don’t own much in the animal category, apart from these leopard print tights. Not tiger print, but close enough. And what do you think of my nails? They’re not tiger print either. In fact they are giraffe, according to the packet, which I got at one of the fashion shows at RAFW. Imagine what the African plains would look like if giraffes really were gold! Ooohh, shiny….

I haven’t worn nail polish for ages because there haven’t been any occasions that warrant the fuss and bother it all entails, but I thought I’d give these a try to get into the spirit of the evening. They’re basically little stickers that you make pliable and adhesive with a blast from the hairdryer and wrap around your nails. It would be great if they were reusable but they’re only good for one application, which apparently lasts for a while.

It took a bit under an hour to do both hands and they look amazing, but I have to confess they are annoying to wear if you don’t get them exactly the right size and smoothed down properly, because you get little ridgy bits that catch on clothes. But as my mum would say, you have to suffer to be beautiful! And I did get a lot of compliments on them – and did I mention the night raised OVER TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!??? (just slightly happy about that!)