Tiger wine is REALLY NOT FINE

I know that most of the space on this blog is taken up with pictures of me cavorting around in my creations and generally looking like everything is fine with the world, but some things are really NOT fine. Like this, for instance. Before you click on that link, let me warn you that the article is not about fashion, or jewellery, or any of those fun and frivolous things. It is about horrible, horrible humans in China (although how they can be called human is beyond me) who are keeping 1500 tigers in the most terrible conditions so that they can make wine from their bones. The article does of course go into a lot more detail and if you are at work I would advise you not to read it until you are home, because if you are anything like me you will most likely be bawling your eyes out by the time you finish reading. You will also want to go and give your cat/dog/rabbit/whatever gorgeous animal you live with a big cuddle.
Although I concentrate mainly on sustainable style in my blog, I do quite often participate in other environmental and social campaigns, even though most of the time it is only by signing my name on an email petition and trying to make all my friends do the same. For some reason though, this story about the tigers has made me really, really mad, and I want to do more about it! I contacted the organisations in the article, as I wanted to put my name to any campaigns against these atrocities and also find out how to donate to dedicated funds to help the tigers, and I got a reply from TRAFFIC which advises that you can donate to them and specify that you want the money to go to the tigers. If I find out about any other organisations that are helping fight the tiger farm I’ll put the information up in a later post, but for the meantime, does anyone have any fundraising ideas? I’m thinking something like a Tiger Afternoon Tea but have not thought of the specifics yet. Suggestions are welcome! Suki and her feline friends thank you in advance for your time.