"Like a tiger"*

It’s not every day that I get to be in the paper, especially not one so widely read as mX. But when I do make my appearance, I like to wear my best fake tiger ears.

Well, actually, I’d prefer not to look quite so silly, but this was all in the name of promoting my Trivia for Tigers event next Tuesday. The irony (apart from the fact that the picture on my dress is of a lion, not a tiger… confusing, I know) is that at the time that this newspaper came out today, there was only one ticket left anyway, and now the event is completely sold out! (YAY!!!) So there was really no need to dress up like this. But hopefully even though people can’t get to the event, they might decide to donate to the cause via TRAFFIC or some other wildlife group. Not that I’m dropping any hints.

*Fans of Australian TV in the ’90s… you know what I’m referring to here….