South American style

Australia has been quite affected by South America lately, thanks to the ash cloud from Chile mucking up flight schedules, but personally it’s South American style that’s affecting me. You only have to look at this picture to see what I mean.

It’s another picture from the book that I bought recently, Fashion. The irony is that despite the book’s title, most of the pictures in it are not about fashion. They are more like perfect examples of pure, unadulterated style. This particular shot is from Guatemala in 1975. I wonder if the men still dress so well now? I love the combination of intricately detailed ankle-length trousers and short embroidered jackets, not to mention the nonchalant way the guy on the right is wearing his draped over his shoulders. And wearing printed shirts underneath. And Panama-style hats. And hip bands, or whatever those black checked? dotted? mini-sarong type garments are. This shot literally took my breath away when I flipped the page open.

In the same vein, I loved this Mexican shoot from the March issue of Australian Vogue.

Doesn’t this Prada outfit just look so right here? I wasn’t overly in love with that particular collection when I first saw it but it is so perfect for this shoot.

Donkeys. Donkeys wearing pom poms. I think you can understand why I love this shot.

Everyone loves a festival! Especially when one just happens to be taking place when you’re shooting for Vogue

The colour… the feathers… I don’t need to spell it out for you!! I’ve actually only realised now that there is actually a human underneath that impressive display of feathers (which were probably taken from some now-extinct bird… but I won’t go into that now…)

Lots of my friends seem to be going to South America lately and I’m thinking I should do the same. Have you been? Knowing what I’m into (colourful and embroidered textiles, ethnic and ethical stuff, I’m fairly sure you have an idea by now), if you have any particular suggestions of places to visit, let me know!