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Getting the blues: part 1

Capes and ponchos have been big news this past season, but as much as I like their looks, I haven’t found a way to work them into my wardrobe. A ridiculously long time… Continue reading

For all cats, big and small

Not long ago, I did a post about a turban that I made from a blanket. I didn’t mention it then, but the reason I started cutting up my childhood blanket was to… Continue reading

If it’s your birthday and you know it…

… raise your paw.That’s right, it’s my birthday, so my mum let me do a special post all on my own! I’m 19 today, so I haven’t got any wild parties planned, but… Continue reading

Brunch with Sarah Mower!

Well, it could have been if I were at Fashion Week in Paris. If you know who Sarah Mower is, you may be wondering how I got such a coveted invitation. The answer… Continue reading

Totally hot freelancer

What would you do if it was a weekend and it was a beautiful, sunny, cloudless day of 40 degrees? (that’s Celsius, for anyone who is more familiar with Fahrenheit). Beach sound good?… Continue reading

Modern medicine RULES

After all my sookiness about Suki the other day I took her to the vet for blood pressure tests, and it turns out that her blood pressure was fairly much through the roof,… Continue reading

The too-hard basket

Just a note to say there may not be much frivolity from me in the next few days. Suki’s eyesight has started to fail – she’s been bumping into things in the past… Continue reading

The green goddess and me

You know how I said I had hot chocolate with my friend the other day…? You’re probably thinking, what can get better than hot chocolate… and this one had ANISEED and CINNAMON in… Continue reading

One night – three fashion shows

It was day one of Self-stitched September yesterday, but more on that later… it was also day three of Fashion Week so fittingly I attended three – quite different -fashion shows. First up… Continue reading

Foxy fashion

The first night of Fashion Week went off with a bang (or a bark?) at the Fox FM show at the Forum Theatre last night… you can see official photos here – I… Continue reading