Foxy fashion

The first night of Fashion Week went off with a bang (or a bark?) at the Fox FM show at the Forum Theatre last night… you can see official photos here – I have to admit I really did not see much of the show at all, but did manage to take some blurry backstage shots in between jamming shoes onto models’ feet and straightening headpieces and just generally panicking but having a great time. There were three main parts to the show, swimwear, evening wear, and race wear, with bits by the Fox FM presenters and competition winners in between.

One of the presenters
decided she needed a dog to accessorise every look, so one of the most important roles backstage was that of dog minder, which fell to Dawid from Arts Events Australasia… probably not exactly what he signed up for, but he wasn’t exactly complaining (note to any men who want to attract fawning supermodels – carry around a chihuahua in a handbag and you’ll be beating them off with a stick!)

Here are Kaye, Genevieve and Ivana in some fabulous hats by Kim Fletcher… great inspiration for the Spring Racing Carnival!

I think the listeners who attended the show had a great time – we could hear a fair bit of cheering and screaming, funnily enough whenever the male models walked out, I can’t think why!?

Anyone who watched Australia’s Next Top Model a few years ago would remember the beautiful Amazonian Alice Burdeu… here she is in all her glory with her dresser, Emma, another gorgeous redhead…

… and with Lulu, another model (der!)

I arrived home after the show to find this little supermodel sleeping in my bed… the most beautiful of them all…